Wednesday, April 2, 2014

bath do over

it's hard to believe that this sweet face was screaming uncontrollably just half an hour ago.

believe it.

earlier today i made the startling discovery of dried milk in one of the folds of his neck. it was sticky and gross and smelled like death. although i despised the idea of a second bath this week almost as much as i knew he would, there was no getting around it.

he. absolutely. hated. it.

maybe he was thinking, "didn't we just do this yesterday?" maybe the water was too cold, or too hot. maybe he was hungry ... he's always hungry. whatever the case, those big brown eyes definitely shamed me with a confused, bewildered look as soon as hit feet touched the water. (aren't newborns supposed to like the water??!)

lesson learned, but not soon enough to spare him today's torture.

my late grandmother said it best: "these young mothers. i guess they do the best they can."

we do gramma. we certainly do.